what if?

Our task at Howard Roark Laughed Web Product, is to take up a problem and ask what if? We work, because life can be lived smartly.

We believe that productive ideas backed with technology can solve the problems like corruption, hunger, global warming and the rest of it.

We learn from the lives and works of Carl Sagan, Ayn Rand, Shankar Nag, Hitchcock, Osho, Richard Feynman, Kabir, Steve Jobs and Ramana Maharishi.

We begin by asking what if?


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax (Jquery), Photoshop, C, C++, C#, ASP, PHP, VB, VB.NET, JAVA, MYSQL, Microsoft Office.

Anything new to learn, is being learnt at HRL Web products as you read this.


Mistakopedia (Work In Progress)
'What if you can mind map your search?' (Work In Progress)
'What if there is wisdom networking?'

Braptcha (Work In Progress)
'What if captcha looked smart and sexy?'

Adfortheday (Work In Progress)
'What if advertising became an interesting friend than an irritating intruder?'

Abhijnana Shakuntala (Work In Progress)
'What if we marry storytelling with infotainment?' (Work In Progress)
'What if we innovative and design products, made in India, for the world.'


B. Srinivas Murthy.— Heads the place. Cleans the floor. Worked as creative with agencies like Mudra, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy in Bangalore and Mumbai, for over 11 years for brands like SBI, L'Oreal, Birla Sunlife, Asian Paints, Tajmahal Tea, Prestige Cookware, Loop Mobile, Reliance Communications, Crusoe, Dominos, etc.
Having made it to coding from scripting, he now finds joy in asking "what if?"

Ranganath Vishwanath. — That's two developers in one. A humble hacker and a smart geek. He is a rare mix of curiosity and responsibility. He is currently building and supervising the HRL Dev team.

Ajay Karan — A quick and passionate coder. Being a spark himself, Ajay aspires to shine as he helps Srinivas and the team at HRL Web products, in learning, exploring and developing products and services.

Could Be You - Artist, geek, creative trainee. If you are an artist who can draw, paint, make models, and help HRL Web Products, in quick designs, animation and in web production, get in touch with us.




Software Development:
Web Production and Development.
Brand Management on social media.

Creative Consulting:
Brand Identity, Creative Strategy,
Ads, Virals, Print ads,
Television Commercial and Radio spots.


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